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 Q. Where do you get your summaries? Because that is not what the book is about or what is on the book.
A. I get them from or the author's book site.

Q. Where do you get the cover pictures?
A. I find them online, but if they don't have the one that looks like the copy I read, I scan them in.

Q. What dose "Status" mean?
Library = School/Local Library aka I borrowed
My Bookshelf = well, that's self explanitory
My Mom's Bookshelf = ditto
Then I put if it in a series or not.

Q. Where are the reviews?
A. If you go to "Book List for 2010" most titles you can click and it will take you to my review for that book. If it doesn't, that means I haven't done it yet! Or you may go to my goodreads where I have more reviews on books I haven't posted here.

Q. What is the "keep on my bookshelf award"?
A. It means that if I have the book, I am going to keep it and reread it in the future. But if it is a book I have borrowed, the award means I want to buy it. And since I want to buy the book, the award also states that it is a VERY good book.

Q. How old are you?
A. DOB 10/06/95. Do the math ;) 

Q. Why don't you have a "mailbox" like TheStorySiren or something cool???
A. Well, I can't buy books every time I go out, even though I try to! I get books from my local and school library, my mother, and grandmothers, and occasionally from Books a Million (which is, like, 20 minutes away) or Amazon.

Q. Your parents let you read THAT!?
A. Well, yeah. I'm mature. It's a book. So what?

Q. You know, your really disorganized.
A. That's not really a question, but yes I am aware of that, thanks.

Q. I don't like what you said about my book/ my favorite book!
A. Freedom of Speech. Need I say more?

 Q. OK, what's with the Swedish Fish??
A. I like them. They're my brain food. Well that and RedVines.


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