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Waiting For You

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

Name: Waiting for You
Author:Susane Colasanti
Pages: 320
Start Date: May 3
Finish Date: May 5
Type: Teen Romance/Drama; Hardback

Summary:It’s sophomore year, and Marisa is ready for a fresh start and, hopefully, her first real boyfriend. But after popular Derek asks her out, things get complicated. Not only do her parents unexpectedly separate, but Marisa has a fight with her best friend, and Derek—the love of her life—delivers a shocking disappointment. The only things keeping Marisa together are the podcasts from the anonymous DJ, who seems to totally understand Marisa. But she doesn’t know who he is . . . or maybe she does.

My Review: This is the third book by Miss Colasnati that I have read and I gotta say, she KNOWS how to write. In "Waiting for You" you can really, juts... feel the feelings like it's something that's actually happened or happening to you. And this might be a spoiler but I have to say this: The mom is a bitch. I mean what she does and lets her daughters think is just completely mind blowing. But I think it was very realistic. And Nash... ug I wish I had a friend like him. He's so cute! And the DJ is freakin' awesome; he knows his music. This book is a very much a growing up and deal with story as well as a hidden love story. Plus it has great music. Good book + Great music = My seal of approval.

Excerpt: "Let me break this down for you. It's really simple, once you understand the basics. Fact: Guys are not that complicated. We're pretty simple animals. We like to sleep and eat and game. We like attention from the ladies, or from the dudes if you swing that way- it's all god. But too much attention is a turnoff. No one wants to feel crowded. Think about it like this: Does a wild animal like to be trapped in a cage? Yeah, we're tame. But we still have the same needs."
~ page 178

Cover/Title: Pretty cute cover, and as always, I love the title and how the author fits it into the story. :) Go Susane!

Mat Kearney CD (Grey's Anatomy Song #10) - page 32
Speak, book - 33
Girl, book - 33
Arcade Fire, music - 26
My So-Called Life, show - 62
Cookie Monster Song - 75
John Mayer: Daughters - ????? sry
The Pact, book - 141
Pump Up the Volume - 152
When Harry Met Sally - 152
19 Minutes, book - 171
The Pixies, music - 182
Colin Hay, music - 183
Twisted, book - 190
The Cure ~ "Treasure" - 190
John Mayer: Slow Dancing - 257
John Mayer: Clarity - 274
Heathers (Christian Slater), movie - 286
John Mayer: 3X5 - 291



Khadija June 19, 2010 at 2:22 PM  

ok sounds interesting: great review- i think i'll add it to the very long list of books i need to read :)

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