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Coming Undone

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

Name: Coming Undone

Author: Susan Adersen
Pages: 376
Start Date: March 28
Finish Date: March 31
Type: Romance; Softback
Status: My Bookshelf; 4th in Marine Series

Summary:On the Steal the Thunder tour, the real show's offstage
It's supposed to be the biggest summer of Priscilla Jayne Morgan's life. She's on the brink of country music superstardom, yet she had to fire her crooked-manager Mama, and the tabloids are having a field day. Now her record label's hired a watchdog to escort her on her massive summer tour. And not just anyone, either -- they sicked Jared Hamilton on her, the guy she once idolized more than anyone in the world. Well, she doesn't care how hot he is. It's been too many years and too much water under the bridge, and she'll be damned if he gets to tell her what to do now. Jared remembers exactly how headstrong P.J. can be and he knows she's going to be a handful. Problem is, he'd love to have his hands full of her. But he's cool. He's professional. And he's always in control. He'd better be. Because for five long weeks he's stuck in close quarters with the wildest girl in show business.

My Review: The only reason I read this book was because I just had to see PJ get her happy ending. Ya'll really need to read 'Hot and Bothered' before you read this. Really this book was kinda blah but I liked the end where you have all the couples together and it really wraps up the series. Oh, and the side romance is soooooooo cute! But I hated all the jack with J 'holding himself back' and "I am glacier" shit was just so annoying. But it was worth, like I said, seeing PJ getting her happy ending.

Excerpt:"Jesus, Peej," he muttered and, reaching out, wrapped his hand around her nape. Bending his head, he kissed her. It was brief, hard, and full of frustration. when he lifted his mouth from hers, he stared down at her for a moment, swore under his breath, then set her loose and strode away. P.J. watched him go until Nell's heartfelt "Whew!" redirected her attention. She turned to find her friend fanning her self with her fingers. " I bet make-up sex with that man is almost worth the crap that comes before it." ~ pg. 325

Cover/Title: At least it isn't cheesy. Well, not completely....

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