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Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

Name: Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds
Author: Nancy Martin
Pages: 258
Start Date: April 10
Finish Date: April 13
Type: Adult Comical, Romantic Mystery; Softback
Status: Library; 2nd in the Blackbird Sister Mysteries

When a high society jewel thief winds up drowned at the bottom of a pool with a tacky garden gnome tied to her ankles, Nora must swing into action to save her old flame from a hasty murder charge.

My Review: This book is a typical mystery. But not a stupid one. I read the 1st a year ago and fell in love with the characters and I am so happy they haven't changed at all! I love all the Blackbird sisters, and I gotta say, I bet every woman on Earth has at least one quality of each one in them. And of course, Michael Abruzzo. Sawooonnnn!!!! I get chills just saying his name! I think he might look that guy she ends up with in "P.S. I Love You" only hotter.

Excerpt: "Those Southern girls can get very peculiar once they're sexually awakened." ~ pg.50

Cover/Title: Cute title but i personally think she could have thought of something more fitting. Like something to do with her Grandma's ring that she loses. And she doesn't wear that dress in the book, but once again, it's ok. I'll let this one slide ;)




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