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January 7, 2010

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well today was uneventful. Last night I didn't sleep at all so of course I finished "The Princess of the Midnight Ball" (I'm thinking about the review as we speak). I kinda just played games all day. Mom is razzing me about this blog. i mean no one can find out WHO i am so, muuuahauhuhahahahahaha. But she says it's a waste of time, and who in the world is going to give a rats buttock about what I read and how many times I hurt my self a day. Well idk and idc. I don't want to turn into Julie Whats-Her-Name but I just want my voice (hypothetically speaking [no pun intended]) out there in the world. And maybe if I do this, something will happen in my life. I mean, I don't need an adventure novel, or romantic love story life, but when the highlight of your week is if mom's going to the library, things get boring (plus I'm home schooled!). And depressing. I am not saying I'm per-say "depressed", I just want more out of life. So I type this out to all those love needing, thrill seeking, and life wanting people who haven't read this, and maybe never will, but I know exactly how you feel. But hey, it could be a LOT worse. And with that happy note I am heading up to my "tower" and I'm going to pray and dream about the love & life I want someday...... while reading "The Blue Sword" by Robin McKinley. :)

"Hey, it's going to be OK. Hey, we're laugh at this someday." -"Odd Ones" by Sick Puppies

Good Night and Pleasant Reading & Dreaming,

~The Clumsy Reader aka Christine~

p.s.- I ran into 3 doors today, and fell off the iced steps. That is all.


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