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A Wind in Cairo

>> Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Name: A Wind in Cairo
Author: Judith Tarr
Pages: 258
Start Date: January 1
Finish Date: January 3
Type: Science Fiction & Fantasy; 1st ed. Paperback
Status: My Mom's Bookshelf


Award-winning author Judith Tarr creates a feast for the imagination and the heart. With rich, evocative prose she fashions the magical world of medieval Egypt- a world in which a most remarkable tale unfolds. Hasen, a spoiled, pleasure-seeking emir's son, gravely offends the most powerful magus in the land. The sorcerer retaliates by transforming Hasen into a spirited stallion with Hasen's human intelligence. Thus begins an enthralling, dramatic journey that will take Hasen and his beautiful new owner from the silent deserts into the teeth of war, from the depths of desperation to the edge of impossible love. Tragic, inspiring, witty, and ultimately triumphant, A Wind in Cairo is a wonder of a book.

My Review: A very adventurous read, recommended by my mother. And I thank her so much!!! At times I had to re-read a part but all in all a good book. It would be nice to turn all the perverted teen-age boys into stallions so we AWESOME girls could tame them into respective men. ;) I loved the ending; there was no better way to end it! It is an advanced read, I mean even I had problems understanding it, so I would recommend, 15 year and older.

Exert: " 'Within that biding, O prince of stallions, take my blessing.'
Khamsin took it as he had been trained to take all great gifts, with grace and gratitude. But his eye rolled back to Zamaniyah, and that eye was pure Khasmin.
Bright, wicked, and altogether unrepentant.
Training, she thought. Indeed.
It was going to be a very pleasant war." - pg. 258

Cover/Title: The cover is freaking awesome! And the title fits with the theme more than the story, but it works.

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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