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A Knight in Shining Armor

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

Name: A Knight in Shining Armor
Author: Jude Deveraux
Pages: 464
Start Date: January 3
Finish Date: January 4
Type: Adult Time Travel, Romance; Paperback
Status: Library ;Montgomery Book 16

Summary: Vacationing in England with her lover, Robert, and his spoiled teenage daughter, heroine Dougless Montgomery is abandoned by them in a remote country churchyard near the tomb of Nicholas Stafford, an earl who died in 1564. Almost immediately, an armor-clad swashbuckler materializes--Nicholas himself, reincarnated in the 20th century to clear his reputation, having been unjustly convicted of treason. Intrigued by his plight, Dougless agrees to help Nicholas learn his accuser's identity and restore his good name. They become lovers, and their adventures briefly lead Dougless back to the 1560s, allowing Deveraux to portray that period from a contemporary woman's perspective, as well as 1988 through the eyes of a confounded Elizabethan nobleman. Well-detailed historical highlights and a heartwarming conclusion will enhance the novel's commercial appeal to Deveraux fans!

My Review: OMG! I loved this book! Both my grandma and mother said I had to read it so I did. And I loved it! I cried a few times but that just shows me even more that it was good. I have read another one of Jude's "time-travel" romances (Legend) and this one was just as good! NO, wait, even better!!! After reading this, i thought about finding a guy, make him dump me, then cry for a Knight in Shining Armor, because i would looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee to have a Nicholas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I can't give this book enough praise!

Exert: " He held her face in his hands. 'Only you have I loved, my Dougless. No other woman. Only you.'
She felt it then. She felt his body was no longer solid in her arms. 'Nicholas,' she yelled in fear. He kissed her again softly, but with all the yearning and wanting and desire and need he felt for her. ' I'm going with you,' she said. 'Take me with you. God!' she screamed. 'Let me go with him!' 'Dougless," Nicholas said, and his voice was far away, 'Dougless, my love.'........ Dougless ran to him, but she couldn't reach him. A streak of sunlight came through the windows and flashed off his armor. And then there was nothing. For one hideous moment, Dougless stood and stared at the tomb; then she put her hands to her ears and screamed, a scream such as no human had ever uttered before. The old stone walls vibrated with the sound, the windows quivered and the tomb...The tomb just lay there, silent and cold.
Dougless collapsed to the floor." - pgs. 251-252

Cover/Title: I like the cover because that's really where everything BIG happens. And the title has no flaws in it what-so-ever.

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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