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Champagne Girl

>> Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Name: Champagne Girl
Author: Diana Palmer
Pages: 251
Start Date: January 2
Finish Date: January 2
Type: Adult Romance; Paperback
Status: Library

Summary: Tired of being controlled, Catherine must match wits with Matt in order to escape to New York to follow her dreams, but the tables turn, and she is caught in a game of temptation and desire.

My Review: I would only recommend this to 14 yrs/o and older. Well actually I wouldn't recommend it at all! The whole book is basically foreplay. If you don't know what that is, ask your mom if you want a awkward conversation.But, yeah, the whole book was about to people that have loved each other and want each other and they just tease them selves to death (very nicely i might say) but "it" never actually happens. It was a quick read for me, 251 pages in 4 hours, so it didn't get to me to bad. But, like my mom, for people that take 3 weeks to read a 251 page book, it would be a let down.

Exert: "They took in the picture: swollen mouths, dreamy looks, Catherine's crumpled shirt, Matt's shirt half unbuttoned. They grinned. 'How about some champagne?' Hal offered. 'Get it out', Matt agreed. 'It feels like a champagne morning, all right.'" - pg. 250

Cover/Title: Cheesy cover and they only break out the champagne twice???!!!!!


~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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