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If Tomorrow Comes

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Name: If Tomorrow Comes
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Pages: 404
Start Date: February 5
Finish Date: February 7
Type: Adult Mystery/Drama; Hardback
Status:My Bookshelf

Summary:Lovely, idealistic Tracy Whitney is framed into a fifteen year sentence in an escape-proof penitentiary. With dazzling ingenuity she fights back to destroy the untouchable crime lords who put her there. With her intelligence and beauty as her only weapons, Tracy embarks on a series of extraordinary escapades that sweep her across the globe. In an explosive confrontation Tracy meets her equal in irresistible Jeff Stevens, whose past is as colorful as Tracy's.

My Review: My dad's mom sent me a box of books from California, and this was in it. And so far it is my favorite in the box! The beginning hit the ground running and it didn't stop till the end, and I actually followed it. It was a great book; kinda like a 1-woman version of the Ocean movies. I loved the romantic banter with Jeff, the anger in the prison, and completely admired the brain power and creativity with the heists. I think Sidney was a thief in another life! It was just so believable and had so much emotion. I great read you won't want to put down! Trust me: put on your bookshelf.

Exert: My grandmother has the book right now so I have to somehow get the book back to get a exert. So sorry.....

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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