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The Raider

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

Name: The Raider
Author: Jude Deveraux
Pages: 338
Start Date: Feb. 17
Finish Date: Feb. 18
Type: Romance; Softback
Status: Library; 8th in the Montgomery Series; 1st in the Taggert Series

Jude Deveraux continues her beloved Montgomery saga in America with this dramatic, passion-filled tale of rebellion and love -- a breathtaking adventure to be savored all over again -- or discovered for the first time!The Raider In colonial New England, the British are hunting a fearless, masked patriot whose daring foils them at every turn. He's known simply as the Raider. Jessica Taggert, a proud-tempered beauty, thrills to the Raider's scorching midnight embrace, but despises Alexander Montgomery, the drunken town buffoon. In truth, the cleverly disguised Montgomery lives two lives...and only his triumph over the hated Redcoats will free him, at last, to know the full pleasure of Jessica's love.

My Review:I had this wanting to read a romance and here is what i picked up. And it satisfied me. It is a good book, in where the story might be familair, it takes on a less dramatic, and more historical feel. But the, quote, 'love' that the main characters suposedly have just didn't seem firey enough for me. Jess is fire-ball when she gets mad, but as the 'Raider' starts taking her clothes off, she chatters. It was a little like," Uh, chick, please get in the mood other wise your are going to put Jude to shame." And she almost did. Put Jude to shame I mean. But that's ok, because, you really needs more of that? LOL

Exert: Sorry, the book went back before I got one!

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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