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>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Name: Wishes
Author: Jude Deveraux
Pages: 278
Start Date: January 24
Finish Date: January 25
Type: Romance; Paperback
Status: Library; Montgomery Book 12

Summary: Jace Montgomery was a stranger in Chandler. Tall, proud, and ruggedly handsome, he would make any woman's heart beat faster...Even shy, sweet Nellie Grayson -- Nellie, who thought only of her beautiful younger sister's happiness. With Nellie's tireless aid, Terel Grayson easily became the belle of Chandler, Colorado.Yet Jace, homesick for his closeknit family in Maine, took immediately to Nellie. For the first time, Nellie was the center of attention. It was a heady, delightful feeling...almost as wonderful as the moment when Jace gave her her very first kiss.Nellie was sure her romantic idyll would end -- how long could Jace resist the lovely Terel's charms? But with the help of an enchanting new friend, Nellie would discover that her flirtatious sister might not be the woman to win the gallant Jace Montgomery....

My Review: I didn't really have any inkling to read this but then my mom read the part about the "Kitchen". It's in the first 20 pages, and after she read it had to, too! I promise you will read the beginning and then you won't want to put this book down till you have finished it!!!! It has Kane & Huston Taggert which are in "Twin of Ice" also by Jude, which I am planning to read, but from his book I already love them.(Also there is a book about Jace's parents). But anyway, you can't help but feel sorry for Nellie, love Jace, despise Tara, and laugh at Berni. The only bump for me was that, it's great that Jace loves Nellie from 1st sight but it didn't click as real for me. I'm a more "over time(and short by that) you realize you love them" kind of person, then a "BOOM, I am going to marry that person";And Jace is definitely the latter. But this is an adorable book, so sit down with some pie and enjoy this book that has love, laughter, and a perfect ending!

Exert:"Ah, men like obedience. Nellie, let me give you a little advice from somebody who's known a few men. I don't know if you've heard this or not, but there's a saying that a man's best friend is a dog and that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Man's best is a dog because that's what he wants a woman to be: a dog. He wants a pretty little wife, preferably blonde, who will do whatever he wants, when he wants it. He wants to able to say, 'Come on, let's go,' and she'll get up, tail a-waggin', and follow him. He doesn't want her to ask questions about where or when or how, and he does not want her to have an opinion. For a woman, she's found out that she can trust something like diamonds because they don't run around all night, nor do they constantly point out how she should behave."

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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