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Smooth Talking Stranger

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Name: Smooth Talking Stranger
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Start Date: January 13
Finish Date: January 14
Type: Adult Comical Romance; Hardback
Status: Library; 3rd in Travis Series


Summary:Jack Travis leads the uncomplicated life of a millionaire Texas playboy. He makes no commitments, he loves many women, he lives for pleasure. But no one has ever truly touched his heart or soul. Until one day, a woman appears on his doorstep with fury on her face and a baby in her arms. It seems Jack is the father and this woman is the baby’s aunt. The real mother has abandoned the child to her more responsible sister. And now, Jack is being called upon to take responsibility for the first time in his life. With delicious romantic tension, characters so real they walk onto the page and into your heart, Lisa Kleypas delivers the kind of novel that makes you laugh, love; cry and cheer.

My Review: When I started this I thought it was just another typical romance but it really, truly touched me. The characters are so down to earth and it all seems so true that you start cheering on the main characters. Plus, Lisa knows how o make a good man! lol. If only we could all have Jacks;a smart, tender, thoughtful, sexy as hell Texan man. Who doesn't want that?

Exert: " It's drugs, isn't it? Tara was so innocent. She got pulled into that glamorous lifestyle with all her rich friends...all that cocaine dust floating around, she probably inhaled some by accident, and then,-'
'There's no such thing as secondhand cocaine snorting, Mom.'
'She was pressured, ' my mother snapped. 'You have no idea what it's like to be beautiful, Ella. All the problems it can bring on.' " - pg. 115

Cover/Title: The cover is so-so. And so is the title. But it all works.


~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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