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The Men I Didn't Marry

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Name: The Men I Didn't Marry
Author:Janice Kaplan & Lynn Schnurnberger
Pages: 285
Start Date: Feb. 19
Finish Date:Feb. 21
Type: Chick Lit (?) ;Softback
Status: Library

Summary:Hallie, a fortysomething successful lawyer and mother of two college kids, is devastated when her husband of 21 years tells her that he is leaving her for a woman half her age, named Ashlee--with two e's. After wallowing in self-pity and succumbing to an Oreo cookie and QVC coma, Hallie pulls herself together and decides that the past might hold the key to her happiness. She goes looking for her old boyfriends: Eric, a college boyfriend who is now an extremely rich investment broker; Barry, a sensitive guy she met while backpacking across Europe; Kevin, her old high-school boyfriend; and Dick, the one she thought she was going to marry and would now rather forget than find again. But it is in rekindling these old relationships that Hallie rediscovers who she is and what she wants out of life. Kaplan and Schnurnberger know how to craft a fun read that is perfect for those days when the most you want to do is lie around in your pajamas, watch QVC, and eat Oreos.

My Review: I am not really into books about divorces or divorcees, adult or teen. But this book really pulled it off. Everything that happened seemed real. If someone had just given it to me and I had no info about it I might have thought it no-fiction. It gets in so many funny situations, you forget at times what it's really about: the dumped last year model for the new and improved model. Like a old TV for a flat screen. Also it hits true to home I think on how men go through their thought process. That they are superhuman gods and that women just fall at there feet, begging to come back so can fix them sandwiches. I am teen and i understand all this! Guarantee you love this book from start to finish.

Exert: X

Cover/Title: The funny thing is that the woman looks like my mom! Thin, perky boobs, legs up to her chin, and the 'I don't Care' hand thing. And the title really just states what it's about, but I think they could have been just a bit more creative but it works.


~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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