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13 Little Blue Envelopes

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

Name: 13 Little Blue Envelopes
Author: Maureen Johnson
Pages: 320
Start Date: March 12
Finish Date: March 13 [haha]
Type: YA Travel/Adventure; Hardback
Status: Library; 1st in Little Blue Envelope Series

Summary: Inside little blue envelope 1 are $1,000 and instructions to buy a plane ticket.In envelope 2 are directions to a specific London flat.The note in envelope 3 tells Ginny: Find a starving artist.Because of envelope 4, Ginny and a playwright/thief/ bloke–about–town called Keith go to Scotland together, with somewhat disastrous–though utterly romantic–results. But will she ever see him again?Everything about Ginny will change this summer, and it's all because of the 13 little blue envelopes.

My Review: The back made it sound like a very romantic book, but it really wasn't. It was more cute in that department. But the real story was about traveling and the dead aunt and 'the meaning of life.' I loved this book until the end. He says there diffidently something but then she states hat she's going home. WTF????????? But now I have a whole lists of things to see and places to go. Plus the sequel to look forward to....

Excerpt: On top of that, she was terrified of crossing the street, since everyone drove like a stunt extra from a movie chase. (Even the nuns, of which were plenty.) - 133

Cover/Title: The cover i disagree with. She states that she was tall and big boned. I'm like that and I am not like the cover. Plus the whole, skin-showing thing is not something I want to see. Yeah yeah I know: I'm being a grandma.

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~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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