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Head Over Heels

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

Name: Head Over Heels
Author: Susan Andersen
Pages: 352
Start Date: March 25
Finish Date: March 25
Type: Mystery Romance; Paperback
Status: My Bookshelf; 1st in Marine Series

Who said "you can't go home again"? In Veronica Davis's case,who'd want to -- especially when you hail from Fossil, Washington? But now she's back among the good-ol' boys who think she's fair game just because she's in a waitress uniform.
The truth is, Veronica's the boss -- at least until she can sell the family saloon and skip town again as fast as her feet can carry her-and nobody knows that better than Cooper Blackstock. From behind the bar, the ex-Special Forces Marines all. And his undercover agenda has made the feisty boss-lady's troubles his own.
And her troubles are considerable, what with a family in turmoil, a pseudo-bartender with dangerous secrets, a murder investigation, and death threats. Though the town surprisingly rallies in support, it's still a good thing that Cooper will be there to catch Veronica if she stumbles -- if he doesn't start falling himself.

My Review: I had read the 3rd book in this series and I already loved Susan, so when I saw this book for sale for 99 cents I had to have it! When I got it, it was a rainy day and I sat and finished the whole thing.I got to say, I liked this one compared to some other ones by Susan. The crime is really realistic and the love just didn't happen over night. It, ya' know, started as lust and worked into more over a period of time, not, like, 3 weeks. But what was "WTH?" was Coop's hair? I mean all his hair except his eyebrows, which are black, is blonde!? That's like not possible. But hey her book so her hair colors.

"Hi, Coop! I'm having a Lassie dinner." "A what?" "That's what Aunt Ronnie calls milk and cookies: a Lassie dinner. She said some kid named Timmy always got milk and cookies after Lassie rescued him." She shrugged. "It was some show about a dog that she watched when she was jus' a little kid." ~ pg. 231

Cover/Title: Eh cute but boring. I am speaking of the title and cover.

Boo Radley- where the cat's name came from (he's the third one down)
Turn it Loose - pg. 113
Patsy Cline ~ Sweet Dreams - pg.178 when Ronnie leaves Coop at bar
~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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