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Update & FYI

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

I was looking through some more blogger sites and I decided I was going to start putting in 'cover/title' little things and extras [link, videos, pictures, music, ect.] but i started going back through my old reviews and after about 7 I said: FUDGE THIS! So it's going to be a 'from now on' thing. Also I'm InSaNeLy behind on reviews. with my limited time on the laptop I am caught up to Feb. 21. But I only have 10 more reviews to put up! Yay me! Also if there is any challenges you know of that are extremely hard or/and have great prizes, contact me! Please I beg you because all the challenges, except the 451 F. one, are easy. So have a great, cookie-eating book- reading day like moi! :)

PS- My mother just informed me that I have been putting "exert" when's it's really "excerpt".

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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