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>> Monday, March 8, 2010

Name: Holly
Author: Jude Deveraux
Pages: 277
Start Date: March 2
Finish Date: March 4
Type: Romance; Hardback
Status: Library; 6th Taggert Book

Summary:A relentless campaign by phone, letter, and email has persuaded Hollander Latham's parents to purchase the home of her dreams: Spring Hill, a beautiful North Carolina plantation where Holly spent her memorable thirteenth summer. Now a successful architect, Holly is intent on reuniting with Spring Hill's neighbor and her love from that long-ago summer, wealthy heir Laurence Beaumont -- she dreams of working her way into Lorrie's heart while restoring his historic estate, Belle Chere. But as Christmas fast approaches, Nick Taggert -- a mysterious stranger who makes her laugh and tempts her with a surprising passion -- turns her plans upside down. One man can seduce her with fortune and privilege; the other can promise her the simple gift of love. And on a frost-covered Christmas night, Holly's choice will unmask astonishing truths and hidden dangers -- revelations that will forever change her charmed life and her vulnerable heart.

My Review: There ain't much to say. I think the main characters hit it off way to fast and it didn't seem real. Holly was a little idiotic and Nick made the Taggerts look bad. In places it moved to fast but then some thoughts seemed to go on forever. Not Jude's best... but a good quickie.

Exert: "Sorry, sir. Moonlight. Old friend who's grown into a beautiful woman." - pg. 149

Cover/Title: I'd have rather seen the Belle Chere. So-so name. Could have been better

Extras: X

~ The Clumsy Reader aka Christine


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